Bhelley Behr

Shelley Behr located at Brighouse Station (Canada line), in the Richmond Counselling Centre, Richmond BC, has worked as a counsellor both in private practice and in an agency setting since 1996. She holds an M.S.W. degree and is a member of the BC College of Social Workers. She provides professional counselling services to individuals, couples, families and children experiencing life difficulties, personal growth or seeking support during times of conflict and change.

Her approach to counselling is compassionate and understanding, identifying the individual nature of each client's needs. Shelley has extensive experience and training in areas of anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues, adolescent/child issues, separation and divorce, grief, loss and life transitions. She also acts as a collaborative divorce coach and child specialist in the process related to divorce and litigation. Shelley is a member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Vancouver.

Shelley supports clients to understand the depth of their life experiences so that they can create a sense of well being, grounding and peace. She maintains a solution-focused approach to identify core issues and to create a guided goal-centred path.