FLAT FEE Mediation Process

with Lawyer-Mediator and Divorce Coach

Meet the Team
Shelley Behr MSW RSW RCC
Rebecca, Lawyer


Mediation Process with Lawyer-Mediator and Divorce Coach
· 30 minute free consult with either one of us to discuss process
· 2- 45 minute screening calls (with Rebecca) for mandatory mediation screening and confirm issues and give Schedule of Assets form – 1.5 hours
· 2 – 45 minute individual meetings (with Shelley) to confirm parenting issues – 1.5 hours
· 1 hour review of financial documents provided prior to 1st meeting (Rebecca) – 1 hour
· 2 hour initial meeting with both Rebecca and Shelley to review process, consider additional disclosure needed, begin discussions – 2 hours
· 3 hour parenting plan meeting (Shelley runs this with Rebecca drafting parenting plan as we go) – 3 hours
· 3 hour financial meeting (Rebecca runs this with Shelley assisting with communication) – 3 hours
· Complete drafting of separation agreement, send clients out for ILA (Rebecca) – 2.5 hours