Collaborative Divorce, Child Specialist - Richmond BC

Collaborative Divorce is an effective method for separating families to resolve their differences with respect and dignity. The process involves a team including lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialist and a financial planner working together with families to help them move from conflict to resolution. The team may vary in the number of professionals based on the individual needs of each family. Central to collaborative divorce is the participation agreement that acknowledges that you will not go to court. It allows the team to work together to help your family move towards resolution.

Role of a Divorce Coach

Divorce is a difficult experience where emotions are often confusing, painful and high. Emotional support and direction can help you navigate the rough waters and provide a safe and nonjudgmental place to stand. 

Divorce Coaching will help you

- create an effective parenting plan that fits the needs of the children 
- prioritize and identify needs and goals for your family
- sort out feelings around your separation and divorce 
- help you express and think through emotionally charged issues
- assist with communication in the collaborative process and in the co-parenting relationship. 
- address problems and concerns around parenting issues. 

Role of the Child Specialist 

Protecting children from the conflict of divorce is central to the collaborative process. Children often get caught in the middle when emotions run high between parents and are exposed to adult issues they are not prepared to experience. A child specialist is a support for the children of separating families. It involves meeting with the children and providing support , and a voice for them in the development of the parenting plan. It will help them process their feelings about the divorce and provide a safe place to express their thoughts and emotions.  As part of the team, the child specialist helps express the children’s concerns to the parents and coaches.  This information assists the parents in creating a parenting plan that keeps the children’s needs and best interests  central.  

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